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January 15th 2024
5 min read

Choosing The Right Tiles

If you're wondering, "Which tiles are the right ones for me?" then look no further! Here's a handy guide to assist you in making the right decision. Our customers frequently ask these common questions when choosing new tiles for their homes.

What tiles are best? Porcelain or Ceramic?
When it comes to household tiles, there are two main types: porcelain and ceramic.
Porcelain tiles
are crafted from a type of clay that is dense and sturdy. Porcelain tiles are fired at very high temperatures in a kiln, which makes them stronger and more durable. Due to their strength, porcelain tiles are recommended for flooring as they can withstand household environmental stress. Porcelain tiles have a greater resistance to water and stains. You are also more likely to find porcelain tiles in a bigger size!
Ceramic tiles
are created by blending clay with other natural materials and are not fired at as high temperatures as porcelain, allowing for more intricate designs, colours, and patterns. We suggest using ceramic tiles for internal walls since textures and colours are more visible and can showcase patterns clearer. While ceramic tiles can be used on the floor, there is a higher risk of cracking compared to porcelain tiles due to their lower strength. It is likely that ceramic tiles may also be the more affordable option.

Porcelain tiles are perfect if you want something durable and luxurious, while ceramic tiles are a great choice for those on a budget and looking for easy installation.

What tiles are best for my bathroom?
Tiles in your bathroom are not only functional but also have the power to enhance the overall ambiance of the room. Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom walls and floors can be a daunting task due to the vast variety available. Porcelain tiles are incredibly dense and durable, making them a top choice for those seeking longevity. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are more affordable and easy to maintain, although they may not be as long-lasting as porcelain. If you prefer a glossy finish, opt for tiles that are easy to clean and reflect light, creating a brighter space. Alternatively, matt tiles are great at hiding watermarks and can even imitate other materials like stone, giving you the desired natural look without the hassle of high maintenance. With countless options in terms of shape, size, colour, and material, selecting bathroom tiles can be overwhelming. However, tiles are the ideal choice for both walls and floors, providing a hygienic and easy-to-clean surface that will remain visually appealing for years to come. Just like any other aspect of interior design, your personal style and colour palette should shine through in your tile selection. So why not take a look at our tiles image gallery for some inspiration?

What tiles are best for my kitchen?
When it comes to choosing the perfect tiles for your kitchen, it's crucial to consider both style and practicality. Think about how you'll be using the space on a daily basis and how much wear and tear it will endure. Additionally, take into account the location of your kitchen within your home, as well as any pets or children that may impact the floor's usage.

For a kitchen floor, tiles are the top choice in terms of durability compared to other options like laminate, vinyl, or wood flooring. Porcelain tiles are a great choice as they are easier to clean compared to natural stone tiles. Most porcelain tiles are micro sealed during production, making them highly durable and resistant to water and stains, requiring minimal maintenance.

For kitchen walls, glossy, easy-to-clean ceramic tiles are a great option for a splashback.

Feel free to explore our wide range of tile options, including wood effect tiles, stone effect tiles, marble effect tiles and patterned tiles, that are all ideal for kitchens.

What tiles are best for my flooring?
Porcelain floor tiles are a fantastic choice for your kitchen, living room, or bathroom due to their strength, durability, affordability, and longevity. They are made from dense clay fired at high temperatures and come in various beautiful options like stone, marble and wood.

When selecting the ideal flooring for your home, it's crucial to consider a few key factors:

1. Lifestyle: Choose a flooring material that can handle heavy foot traffic, spills, and scratches.
2. Aesthetic: Think about the overall style and look of your space.
3. Maintenance: Decide how much maintenance and durability you are willing to invest in. 
4. Budget: Set a budget for your flooring project as prices vary for different materials.
5. Location: Take into account the location of your space. Opt for a flooring material that can resist water damage if you are tiling a high humidity or moisture area.

Selecting the perfect flooring for your home is an exciting opportunity to enhance your space and create a beautiful ambiance. Whether you love the cozy feel of real wood, the classic beauty of marble, or the sleek look of stone, there is a tile option that will match your style preference as well as your practical needs.

What tiles are best for my walls?
When it comes to our homes, we want all rooms to stand out. Therefore, it's obvious that our walls play a crucial role and are a significant and prominent feature of any interior space. Ceramic wall tiles are the perfect choice for almost any interior wall. They are long lasting, easy to maintain and clean, and are cost effective.

Metro tiles
in a brick shape have become very popular for both kitchen walls and bathroom walls. Fish-scale tiles are also a rising trend, with their scalloped shape working well for kitchen splashbacks and bathroom walls. Geometric mosaic tiles are also a favourite, they can enhance a modern kitchen or create a stylish accent wall in a bathroom.

Don't forget to make sure your chosen wall tiles match the colour and texture of your floor tiles. Remember to think about the shape and size of the tiles, as they will greatly impact the overall appearance of the room.

What tiles are best for my fireplace?
Choosing the right tiles for your fireplace and hearth is essential as they are exposed to high temperatures. There are different types of tiles that can be used, depending on the distance between the heat source and the tiles. If the heat source is more than 20cm away, most types of tiles can be used safely. However, it is recommended to use porcelain tiles because they act like fire resistant bricks, absorbing heat without transferring it to the surrounding areas. This makes porcelain tiles a great choice for fireplaces, as they minimize the risk of damage. By selecting and installing the right hearth tiles and fireplace tiles, you can transform your fireplace into a stunning centerpiece.

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